Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Playing cards?

So we're working on updating our shipping prices in the Etsy store, and in the process we are discovering some interesting things about the morals, politics and idiocracy of  Customs rules.  Here's a little sampler of true, actual Customs regulations:

  • You can't ship melatonin to Germany.  Apparently the German government is afraid that it's population might get sleepy and fall into the gears at the factory.  Which makes a real mess and slows down production.
  • If one of your Albanian relatives asks you send them them the toothbrush they left at your place over the holidays, don't even try to send it.  Albania strictly forbids the shipment of anything that's been used.  Extravagant clothes are also verboten.  So Levis good, Prada, not so much.
  • You can't ship Uncle Hassien's cremated remains back to the family farm in Algeria if they are in a funeral urn.  Just put him in a cereal box and everything will be fine.
  • It's illegal to ship bananas to Armenia.
  • Aussies don't want your used bedding. Ever.
  • Shipping pink Quinine to Bangladesh will get you in a lot of trouble.  Blue, red, polka dotted or plaid Quinine is apparently OK.
  • The government of Belgium will be very upset with you if you try to send a used ink cartridge to them.
  • Do not send a fancy greeting card that sings 'Happy Birthday" to a relative in Bulgaria.
  • You can't mail margarine to Canada.  Really.
So this has us through the letter C, and the rest of the world promises even more entertaining  regulation.  Stand by for next post.

Oh, and by the way, don't try to send the 6 of Spades to Germany.  Gunplay could ensue. 

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  1. We've recently picked up a leaflet from the UK post office about items not allowed in our international mail. No controlled drugs - now there's a surprise. No clinical waste including contaminated dressings - really? And absolutely no waste, dirt, filth or refuse, including household waste. How ebay will continue I just do not know.