Friday, January 6, 2012

It's National Soup Month!


How should we celebrate it?  The options are staggering.  Perhaps we should look forward to -

  • Troupes of acrobats performing death-defying dives into huge containers of chicken noodle?
  • Performing the Cleansing of the Soup ritual before a steaming bowl of lobster bisque?
  • Tossing unopened cans of Hungry Man at passing cars?
But the first question we should ask ourselves is, do we really NEED a National Soup Month?  Does it have to be a whole month?  How about a National Soup Fortnight?  Or a Soup Weekend just for states that start with "M"?

Can you also celebrate chili, or does that violate the spirit?

Here's a list of month-long celebrations we should be observing just for January.  Note that some of these celebrations are international - for example, January is also the universally known and loved International Change Your Stars month.  This, of course, being the month when everyone from Sven in the glacier field to Tumbulaki in the Kalahari spend their evenings deciding on whether they should begin following Matt Damon instead of Lady GaGa.

Which leads one to wonder - how does one go about creating a national (or international) something month?  Is there a review board somewhere that has to study the application?  You know, just to keep out the riff-raff and make sure only worthy causes (like the celebration of Okra, Plout and Aprium each June) get official recognition.  What are the qualifications to serve on this Board?  It could be anything from deep contemplative skills to advanced partying techniques.  I'll bet their meetings rock.

As for me, I'm going to continue to positively vibrate in anticipation of National Pull Your Sofa Off The Wall Month (February).  I've got my EZmoves all shined up.