Monday, December 5, 2011


Dilemma (n); a German phase meaning "a lemma".

This is how you get a real appreciation
for the phrase "Christmas Rush"
So we got yet another request today from someone wanting to know if we sell wholesale.  The weeks immediately before Christmas are probably not a good time to ask - one of our Christmas ornaments was in Etsy Finds the other day in the No. 1, upper left-hand corner position, and we got crushed by orders.  Crushed as in "run to the office supply store because we drained an ink cartridge printing invoices" crushed.

(On a side note, what the hell is in those cartridges that makes them so expensive? Unicorn sweat?)

Anyway, the fundamental concept of wholesaling is that you'll make it up on volume.  That theory holds if and only if you can make the volume.  If you're running an operation out of an Uzbekistan sweat shop, achieving the necessary volume is a real possibility.  However, if you're running an operation out of a spare bedroom, the volume question becomes much more interesting.  Interesting in the way that an airplane crash is interesting.

This is a lemma. Really.
So for now we think we'll pass.  Talk to us in February when the sales have gone to zilch and we're breaking up furniture for firewood.  We might have a different answer.

Oh, and here's a lemma.


  1. we use them all the time and they are cheap and fast. love your blog, mrs. bug should be proud :D

    Kathi- allthingswhite.etsy

  2. I love your ironical way of writing ;)
    Fun to read!
    All the best